• Jas Parmar Police & Crime Commisioner Bedfordshire

    As you may know there will be elections in November to choose a Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire and I am seeking your support. I believe that the candidate should not only have strong local ties, be visible, and responsive but also someone who brings a wealth of experience in policing, business and public services. I am confident I have these qualities which is why I am standing.

    • As a former police officer in the Met Police, I understand policing at grassroots level and I am aware of the expectations of the public and the ability of the police to meet them.

    • As a businessman, I have a good understanding of budgets and finance and will ensure that we make better use of money by driving down costs while improving policing.

    • I have held public office in the past as a Bedford Borough Councillor and this direct policing, business and public office experience will stand me in good stead.

    If I become your Police and Crime Commissioner here are my priorities;

    • I will engage with the public to ensure that they play an active role in policing in their local areas and will keep them and victims of crime informed of the progress made to combat crime.

    • I will hold regular public meeting across Bedfordshire to discuss local policing.

    • I will work with the councils to tackle the most common and persistent crime of anti social behavior. By working in partnership we will send a strong message to repeat offenders.

    • I will encourage recruitment of Special Constables and I will allow parishes and villages to retain visible policing. I have lived in a village for 25 years and have seen offences like fly tipping, vandalism, anti social behavior, and theft. I will ensure that rural Bedfordshire is not neglected and disproportionately disadvantaged.

    Over the coming month I hope to meet as many of you as possible to listen to your views and opinions but in the meantime please do complete the crime survey overleaf or get in touch, I would be very pleased to hear from you.

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